Who We Are

We develop programs for industries such as mining, energy and oil and gas, as well as NGOs and tourism in countries like Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, working with government on local, regional and national levels.

As agents of change, we help local communities identify innovative strategies as they strive for carbon neutral economic development. We support organizations in reducing their environmental impact and considering their legacy, because the next generation will be dealing with the choices we make now.

Our clients trust us because we are honest, love what we do and forge lasting relationships.

Why Us

A lot of companies may be offering a version of what we do, but the difference with us is everything is customized. Everything. We provide consultations that include assessments and an in-depth needs analysis to determine training requirements and unique challenges in crafting specialized solutions. We are always innovating, looking for new ways to do things, and rely heavily on data and real world expertise. Our instructors have a combined 50 years experience and are made up of professors, industry experts, scientists and environmentalists.


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