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Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Return of Investment in the Oil Industry

In this course, students will undertake a detailed examination of the principles and applications of corporate social responsibility as they apply to the oil and gas industry (including planning, exploration, development, post-development) and within the context of sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) relevant to Latin American countries.
  • Understand the role and purpose of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Apply their acquired skills and learnings to its beneficial application in business and society in the country
  1. Benefits, risks and opportunities associated with the management of environmental and social issues as they pertain to the oil and gas industry
  2. Business benefits/return on investment (ROI) from CSR including building/maintaining stakeholder/shareholder trust, reputation, and social licence to operate
  3. CSR management: environmental/social performance accountability, communications and external relations, corporate governance
  4. Researching, writing and managing CSR/Company performance reports
  5. Writing issues and stakeholder management plans
  6. Reviewing and/or creating a management structure for CSR relevant to the student’s own organization/company
  7. Evaluation of business case examples of best, as well as poor, practices in CSR
Engineers, scientists, planners and other business or public service professionals working or interested in working in energy resources management and sustainable development.


30 hours


Virtual Classroom



This 30-hour course will emphasize the practical applications of skills, techniques and learnings as they apply to CSR in the oil and gas industry. It will be taught through a combination of presentations, multimedia activities, group discussions, simulations, exercises and directed reading/research.

Students will be expected to prepare for elements of the course through directed research activities and to present orally/share their professional experiences and opinions around the management of issues, risks and opportunities associated with Corporate Social Responsibility.



  • Recognize the societal demands for transparency and accountability in environmental performance by oil & gas companies
  • Appreciate how environmental management can be framed within a sustainability context
  • Have a better understanding of the need for CSR and sustainability and be able to comprehend related definitions, policies and strategies.


Experience or interest in working in the hydrocarbon/energy/mining or related industry or in government and non-governmental organizations related to these fields.


Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion bearing the signatures from both the Institute's Director and the Course Instructor. This Certificate will testify your endeavour and serve towards your professional advancement.


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